Urban Metabolism and Ecological Management:, Vision, tools, practices and beyond
EDP sciences
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Current Natural Sciences

Urban Metabolism and Ecological Management:

Vision, tools, practices and beyond

EDP sciences

Current Natural Sciences


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Urbanization is the one of the most evident forms of anthropization. With most
of the world population living in cities, the need of thinking about a more
sustainable urban lifestyle has become an imperative. This is why present and
future generations of scholars, urban managers and policy makers should be
prepared to work together to support the reduction of impacts generated by
urban activities, while pursuing the goal of an equitable and sustainable
well-being within the planetary boundaries. In this respect, the use of
different methods and tools can support the implementation of roadmaps and
policies. Besides that, different communication languages can be used to
enhance the development of a shared reflective vision about the future of
cities among citizens, as major actors of the urban life and its
transformation. This book provides an accessible overview of some key methods
to deal holistically with the analysis of urban resources flows to readers
with an interest in the academic or professional reference of the different
approaches for studying urban metabolism. It presents some of the most
important tools along with relevant case studies to illustrate their potential
application. Experts in the field and holding the belief that visions and
hopes trigger decisions and behaviors beyond the knowledge, the authors
introduce readers to the use of different art-based methods to engage with
citizens towards a common outlook on the future of our cities. The book also
offers an enhanced reading experience by featuring a soundtrack composed by
one of the authors and available through the QR code at the beginning of each
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