EbookMedical Cannabis - Complete Edition, From Marijuana to Synthetic Cannabinoids
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Medical Cannabis - Complete Edition

From Marijuana to Synthetic Cannabinoids

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This unique and timely book arrives just as a growing number of states are authorizing the use of medical cannabis.

Written by highly respected international specialists, it answers the most frequently asked questions about this unusual plant medicine, including:
• The diseases that can be helped or even healed by marijuana, and the ways in which the human body can absorb it.
• Where to obtain legal medical cannabis, and instructions on how to grow your own if it is unavailable for purchase.
• The respective medical attributes of THC and CBD, and the history of different marijuana varieties.
• The latest legislation in different parts of the world.
• The available pharmaceutical medications derived from marijuana, or from synthetic cannabinoids.
• The history of marijuana usage around the world, including legal purchase in the Dutch Coffee Shops.
This richly illustrated book provides a practical overview of therapeutic marijuana. With clarity and humor, it also offers an understanding of the complex issues surrounding this fascinating plant.


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